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Explore Lake Merced Park
Published On June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018

Lake Merced Park is known for featuring some of the best walking and biking trails in the city of San Francisco. Lake Merced itself is a large freshwater lake located on the southwest corner of the city, which is surrounded by three golf courses. This park, which expands across 614 acres, carries its own history that many who frequent the park find fascinating. A visit to this park is a must for anyone searching to escape the bustling nature of the city, and relax by the lakeside shore.

About Lake Merced Park
The Lake Merced Park was originally inhabited by the Ohlone people, and the land surrounding the lake was occupied as a ranch. During the 1850’s, a duel took place along the shores of Lake Merced still resonate within history. A U.S. Senator died as the consequence of this duel, and his plaque, the plaque of David C. Broderick, remains within Lake Merced Park as a monument. The lake within the park continues to supply water to the city, acting partly as a reserve, and has been supplying the area with water since the 1860’s. The park was later established in the 1950’s, and remains a popular attraction and a vital piece of the city’s water supply to this day.

There are an abundance of things to do within the Lake Merced Park. As previously stated, the park is a popular place for walking, bicycling, or hiking. There is a trail that 4.5 mile long paved trail surrounding the lake entirely for this purpose. In addition to this, birdwatching and boating are also common activities that take place within the park. On the subject of birdwatching, it is important to note that the location of Lake Merced is vital in the migration of many species of bird on the Pacific Flyway, and more than half of the park is managed by the Natural Areas Program for this reason. Fishing is permitted on the fishing pier, and there are also an abundance of picnicking areas within the park. Parking and restrooms are available to all guest within the park. With so many activities to partake in, a visit to the Lake Merced Park is a must for those who are new to the city.

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