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Hike along the California Coastal Trail
Published On September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017

The California Coastal Trail is a massive route, actually a network of several trails and routes, running along the entire coastline in the state. Designed and developed by California Coastal Conservancy, essentially as an environmental project, the California Coastal Trail was purposed to provide more access to the shore without causing any damage to the ecology. The entire trail will extend from Mexico in the south to Oregon in the north upon its completion. The trail will be around twelve hundred miles long. Right now around a third of the entire trail has been completed but a majority of it has no or limited signage. California Coastal Trail is expected to have numerous trails along the coast, many of which are already developed and popular among locals and tourists, substantial stretches of dozens of beaches will fall within the trail, so would equestrian trails and bicycling pathways.

Hike along the California Coastal Trail

The California Coastal Trail is distinct in its own way. There are numerous and will be many more exits along the trail, wherefrom people can explore major cities, towns and tourist hotspots. The trail would also connect to reserves and parks that may or may not be within the trail technically or geographically. The trail will remain distant from motorways and will always be close enough to the coastline for people to have views of the ocean or to be able to hear the ocean. You may want to avail the trail guide, published in two volumes, titled ‘Hiking the California Coastal Trail’. You can also check out the website California Coastal Trail.

As is expected, a considerable portion of the California Coastal Trail would be in San Francisco. The stretch of the trail crossing San Francisco could very well be over thirty miles if not longer. For now you can hike along the part of the California Coastal Trail stretching from Cliff House or Sutro Baths at Lands End to Fort Point or the Golden Gate Bridge. The trail is nine miles long, it is not daunting and the traffic is moderate. There are many attractions in San Francisco along the trail that you can easily check out as you hike towards Golden Gate Bridge or towards Sutro Baths. Or, you can get to Pacifica Municipal Pier and explore the trail northward or southward. You can hike as long as you may like.

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