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Hike the California Coastal Trail in San Francisco
Published On February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018

The California Coastal Trail in San Francisco is almost two and a half miles long. Also known as the Presidio Trail, for its location in the city, it is an easy hike with some parts rated as moderate, but they are never daunting for amateur hikers. The multi-use trail can be accessed on foot or on cycle. The total cycling time is estimated to be around fifteen minutes. Hiking on foot or pedestrian exploration is likely to take forty minutes up to an hour. The trail has in road and shared bike lanes so be a little conscious of your immediate surroundings and traffic.

About California Coastal Trail

The entire California Coastal Trail, including San Francisco and beyond, is twelve hundred miles long. It stretches from near the international border with Mexico in the south, up along the Pacific coast to the state border with Oregon in the north. The entire route is a multiuse trail. The part of the trail in the city of San Francisco starts at 25th Avenue. It is close to Baker Beach. The route takes you along the coastal bluffs that are visibly rocky up to the Golden Gate Bridge. The trail is particularly known for offering stunning vistas of Pacific Ocean. You may want to stop at Pacific Overlook and Golden Gate Overlook to marvel at the grandeur. This is also a great spot to take some impressive photographs.

There are multiple access points along the entire trail. The notable ones in San Francisco are gun batteries at the Presidio, such as Battery Chamberlin, a bridge for cycles and pedestrians connecting Golden Gate Bridge with Marin Headlands. There are restrooms at Golden Gate Bridge and Baker Beach. Lincoln Boulevard has a lane dedicated to cyclists. There are beaches and coastal attractions along the trail. The very objective of the trail is to provide sweeping views and convenient access to public beaches. Although there are plans to have equestrian trails in some parts of the route, they are mostly still under development, and there may not be any near or at the Presidio in San Francisco.

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