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Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge
Published On May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018

The Golden Gate Bridge is arguably one of the most famous suspension bridges in the state of California. This suspension bridge in San Francisco is renowned for being a modern wonder of the world, and attractions visitors from all over the globe, due to the incredible size of the bridge. A visit to the Golden Gate Bridge is practically a right of passage, as the bridge is the icon of the city and the most famous of all San Francisco attractions.

About the Golden Gate Bridge

Constructed in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge was designed to conquer an incredible feat: to connect Marin County to San Francisco. Prior to the bridge’s construction, Marin County could only be reached practically from San Francisco by boat. The construction of this bridge consumed over $35 million dollars and took nearly 4 years to complete. The Golden Gate Bridge was, and remains to this day, massive in length; the bridge expands nearly a mile across the Pacific Ocean. At the time of its completion, the Golden Gate Bridge was both the longest and tallest suspension bridge ever built. Currently, the Golden Gate Bridge contains within it both Route 101 and California Route 1 and remains one of the most famous attractions in the United States. 

Some highlights of visiting the Golden Gate Bridge include the touring opportunities. Both bus tours and boating tours of the bridge are offered, but as to which offer the best viewpoints is up to debate. The boating tours offer a full-scale view of the complete bridge. However, all pale in comparison to the view you can see from the bridge. Biking tours are also available to those who desire a more personal experience across the bridge. More information on these tours can be found here. 

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